The partnership between Donyati and OneStream represents a collaborative alliance aimed at delivering unparalleled financial and performance management solutions. By leveraging Donyati’s expertise and innovative approach alongside OneStream’s cutting-edge platform, this partnership is poised to empower organizations with streamlined financial processes, enhanced data accuracy, and strategic insights.


Focus on outcome

We offer a range of specialized services that make us the go-to partner for AWS migrations, modernization, DevaOps, cost optimization, security, and managed services. With our expertise, we strive to be the most trustworthy AWS partner for our clients. Let us help you optimize your AWS experience and achieve your business goals.

User experience & adoption

We are a highly specialized Google Cloud Partner, offering a unique combination of knowledge, years of practical experience, and best practices that have been honed through multiple cloud-based solutions. Our team possesses extensive expertise in various Google Cloud services, including Google Cloud Compute, Google Cloud Databases, VM Migration, and Cloud Native Application Development.


Organizational effectiveness & change management

As a Donyati partner, leverage Microsoft Azure’s flexible pay-as-you-go model for instant access to essential compute, storage, and networking resources. Azure offers a comprehensive suite of services, global coverage, security, scalability, and seamless integration, making it an appealing choice for businesses. Benefit from industry-leading SLA and 24/7 Donyati support to accelerate your business growth.

Project effectiveness, risk mitigation & quality assurance

Ensuring project effectiveness and success through skilled project leaders, effective communication, and rigorous quality assurance, including agile development, thorough testing, and integral SME involvement.

Data management and Stewardship

Ensures predictable project costs and total cost of ownership after go-live.

Integration and data modelling

Thoughtful and realistic approach to data source integrations, data warehousing, and modelling.